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Removable Braces in Cobham

We treat patients of all ages! And often, the earlier we are able to detect misalignments, the gentler (and faster) the solution. Our removable braces are one of those solutions, used to correct the bite and encourage basic tooth movements in younger children who still have their baby teeth.

When a child is 7-11 years old, their teeth ad jaws are still growing, so we are able to identify any issues they may have in the future ad create a customised treatment plan to encourage proper alignment, even if they still have their baby teeth. Rather than moving their adult teeth with fixed brackets and archwires, our removable braces for children gently guide the teeth with a removable, wire appliance.

To get the best results from a removeable appliance, it is recommended your child wear it for approximately 6-9 months. We will advise you on your child’s exact treatment time, abut as a rule, the more they wear their appliance the quicker and more effective treatments will be.

Benefits of Removable Braces

  • Effective for minor tooth movements and crossbites
  • Suitable for your patients
  • Gently moves baby teeth
  • Produces results within 6-9 months
  • Ca be removed for eating and cleaning