General Dentistry

So how can we help you?

Dental check-ups

Come in for a quick once-over so we can let you know everything is fine. It’s very important to catch dental problems early so we can sort them out quickly.

Hygienist visits

Educate yourself about gum disease and keep your mouth healthy. Don’t let a poor oral hygiene regime let you down. Arrange regular appointments with our friendly dental hygienist.

Root canals

We know you don’t like that phrase, but honestly – the relief will be worth it. Don’t put up with tooth pain, come and see us and let’s get it sorted.


Amalgamam fillings or tooth-coloured fillings are both available at Beech House Dental, and we can advise you on your choice.

Prevent the need for these treatments altogether

With a focus on promoting a healthy mouth-style, we work with you to help avoid the need for dental treatments. Using our advice and preventative dental techniques like fissure sealing and teeth polishing, you can enjoy a filling free mouth.

Call us to book your first appointment today.