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Damon Braces in Cobham

Damon braces utilise self-ligating bracket technology to reduce friction on your teeth and help straighten your smile comfortably, effectively, and quickly – up to 6 months quicker than traditional braces! Our patients can choose from traditional Damon metal braces or Damon Clear, a tooth-coloured option that makes them appear less visible.

We use the American Damon system, which consists of small metal or ceramic brackets and archwires. Rather than using bands to hold the wires in place, each bracket has a small mechanism that works like a sliding door, letting the wire move freely and tighten itself as your teeth shift into place.

Benefits of Damon Braces

  • Fewer check-ups means less time off work
  • May reduce the need for teeth removal
  • Treatment can be faster compared to other braces
  • Reduced friction is more gentle on teeth
  • Increased comfort due to self-ligating system