Children's Dentistry

Let's make a trip to the dentist a proper day out

It’s tradition for children to hate the dentist . . . but why? You get to sit in a space-age chair that moves up and down, wear crazy goggles, and leave with a sticker. That sounds like a day out to us!

We’re challenging the old dentist stereotype, and part of that is teaching good tooth care from an early age. Ask us for ideas and we’ll be happy to help make sure your children never have to fear the dentist.

What's different about kid's dental care at Beech House Dental?

  • We check your kids’ teeth for free when you have private dental care with us

  • It’s all about education – we’ll start your children’s healthy attitude towards teeth

  • Instead of kicking and screaming when it’s time to brush their teeth, they’ll know it’s important

  • As well as giving them a healthy mouth, it will also save you a fortune in the future

  • We use Invisalign® braces so your child never has to be embarrassed

Don’t risk your teeth for that winning point

Are your kids into their rugby or hockey? It only takes one bad tackle or a miss hit shot to cause a huge amount of damage to your teeth. Visit us and we can create a perfect mould of your mouth, which we’ll then use to construct a protective mouth guard. Then you only have to worry about the score, not your teeth.

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